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Justin King for Delaware State Senate, District 17

Please allow me to extend a wholehearted “thank you” for visiting my web site,  and for your consideration as a voter to elect me to the office of Delaware State Senator for District 17.The bedrock of our nation, state and local community is and always has been family. Ultimately, we can only be successful when our families are successful. Education, economic opportunities, public safety and our overall quality of life are all strengthened when the well-being of families is placed at the forefront of our concerns. Unfortunately, governmental interest in the health and prosperity of our community’s families has been pushed by the wayside and permitted to deteriorate for quite some time. Delaware continues to spend more and more on ineffective programs and wasteful initiatives, and subsequently diverts wealth and resources from our families in a vicious, perpetuating circle.

Family is and should be our foundation. It has always been mine. It’s where we learn the lessons of respect, discipline, kindness, care, and honor, as well as a sense of responsibility to others within our community. Ultimately, it lays the foundation for the success of young people in whatever goals they aim for, and of couse our young people ARE our future.

Countless times, our legislative and governing bodies have lost sight of the importance of families as the fundamental building block of our community. If I’m fortunate enough to be entrusted by you to hold the office of your State Senator, I promise you that I WILL NOT. What’s best for the families of our community will be my TOP PRIORITY. After all, only when our families are strong, can our community prosper, thrive, and be the best that it can be.

Thanks again, for your interest in my campaign, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s any specific issue you’d like me to address or concern that you have.


Justin King

Mayor, Camden Delaware,
and Republican Candidate for the Delaware State Senate, District 17

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